Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dance With Me

Beautiful Noomi Hitchhiking

"Doom and Gloom" is the band´s first recording together in seven years, to be part of the new greatest hits album GRRR!. Premiered on BBC Radio 2 on 11 October 2012, a lyric video was released on YouTube the same day. A promo video directed by Swedish film-maker Jonas Åkerlund, was released on 20 November 2012; shot in Paris, features actress Noomi Rapace in a visual ripped-from-the-headlines lyrical approach film.
The last video footage is taken from the Stones last shows in the end of the year.

Doom And Gloom (lyric video)
Director: Rok Predin  Illust.: Sara Savelj  2012

Doom And Gloom
Jonas Åkerlund  2012

Doom And Gloom (censored version)
Jonas Åkerlund  2012

Doom And Gloom ("live" version)
Director: ( )

Friday, April 26, 2013

Everlasting Stones

The Stones on tour 1978

From Some Girls reissue "No Spare Parts" features performance and off-stage footage of the band from the time of
the original album’s released, with scenes of conflict and news events from the same era, cut in.

No Spare Parts
Director: Mat Whitecross  2011

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Elegantly Wasted

The Stones filmed by Robert Frank in 1972

Director Jonas Odell pulled from Rolling Stones 1972 archival footage to create this animated collage music video. As the song builds Jonas plays around within the format of the collage with the various images forming patterns and introducing depth moves to let the camera truck into one image to reveal another set of images at the end. The second promotional video taken from the unreleased material on Exile On Main Street reissue, "Following The River" is an amazing vintage style animated story based video; it charts in reverse the journey many musicians made from the South to Chicago, the spiritual home of the Blues following the journey of the Mississippi river from source to end.

Plundered My Soul
Director: Jonas Odell  2010

Following The River
Director: Julian Gibbs  2010

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"The Old That Is Strong Does Not Wither"

The Stones are rolling again!!

The first single, "Streets of Love/ Rough Justice", just reached No. 15 in the UK singles chart, while A Bigger Bang entered the UK charts at No. 2/No. 3 in the US/France. However, its singles failed to become a major hit in US but even before the singles were released, A Bigger Bang was noted for the song "Sweet Neo Con", which was critical of both President George W. Bush and American politics and caused minor controversy (!). We got the powerful "Streets Of Love" video, directed By Jake Nava, shot at Zaphod Beeblebrox, a nightclub in Ottawa, Canada (on 16mm film!) and the mimed performances of the same song and "Rough Justice". There´s an original unaired (?) version of "Rain Fall Down", directed by Swedish film director Jonas Åkerlund, too explicit for prime time and a softer (?) 2nd version.

Streets Of Love (original version)
Director: Jake Nava  2005

Streets Of Love (version 2)
Director: (Jake Nava?)  2005

Rough Justice
Director: (Jake Nava?)  2005

Rain Fall Down (original version)
Director: Jonas Åkerlund  2005

Rain Fall Down (edited version)
Director: Jonas 
Åkerlund  2005

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Through The Past, Tense


From the 40-year celebration 40 Licks compilation, "Don´t Stop" is just a stupid/meaningless video with a gang that
"get out of their heads", on the way to the show?...At least, the "Sympathy For The Devil" new remixes/videos are worth it!

Don´t Stop
Director: Stylewar  2003

Sympathy For The Devil (The Neptunes Remix)
Director: Alex De Rakoff  2003

Sympathy For The Devil (Fatboy Slim Remix)
Director: Michelle Tesoro  2003

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Wild Ones

"You´ll never make a saint of me"

Two great promo videos of "Anybody Seen My Baby" and "Saint Of Me", directed by the great Samuel Bayer, were aired to promote Bridges To Babylon, in 1997.  In 1998, videos were done from live footage of  Bridges To Babylon/No Security tour to promote Out Of Control
single and No Security album.

Anybody Seen My Baby
Director: Samuel Bayer  1997

Saint Of Me
Samuel Bayer  1997

Out Of Control
Director: (
Bruce Gower?)  1998

Gimme Shelter (live)
Director: Bruce Gower/Dick Carruthers  1998

Memory Hotel (live)
Director: Bruce Gower/Dick Carruthers  1998

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out For Blood

"Love Is Strong" set  at Harbourside Studios, Toronto, June 1994

Another album, another tour, another live album and another tour, again. Now a common place, video clips are made in any form or technic to please the viewers. And again great names in video direction/art are working with the Stones. From the fantastic/fanciful "Love Is Strong" and "I Go Wild" (shot at Ex-templo de San Lazaro in Mexico City) or the cinematographic "Out Of Tears" and "Like A Rolling Stone" clips, you can be satisfied... The "Wild Horses" promo clip was filmed at Toshiba-EMI Studios in Tokyo for the full-lenght Stripped video, and aired in Europe to promote the single and the album.

Love Is Strong
Director: David Fincher  1994

Out Of Tears
Director: Kevin Kerslake  1994

You Got Me Rocking
Director: Jim Gable  1994

I Go Wild (original version)
Director: Kevin Kerslake  1995

I Go Wild (edited version)
Director: Kevin Kerslake  1995

Like A Rolling Stone
Director: Michael Goudry  1995

Wild Horses
Director: Jim Gable  1995

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Under Their Thumb

The Stones on "Highwire"

Again Julien Temple, who made the promos "Highwire" and "Sex Drive" for Flashpoint and "Ruby Tuesday" (the video was clipped directly from the film) to promote At The Max, in 1991. The original "Sex Drive" got cut and edited (added images of the girls in lingerie) to be viewed in MTV.

Director: Julien Temple  1991

Sex Drive (original version)
Director: Julien Temple  1991

Sex Drive (MTV edit)
Director: Julien Temple  1991

Ruby Tuesday (At The Max)
Director: Julien Temple  1991

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rock Rolls On

Charlie on the set of "Almost Hear You Sigh"

Now with a new release to promote and a tour, the Stones worked with some experts and new names on the video scene. Actually "Mixed Emotions" is documentary-style with footage of the band on rehearsal, in studio or elsewhere. "Rock And A Hard Place" was shot during the Steel Wheels tour, in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Most of the onstage footage was shot during sound-check without audience, with added footage from the actual show, in the evening. The main difference between the two versions is the post production addition of graphic inserts over the Stones concert film, on version 1. "Terrifying" and "Sad Sad Sad" (live in Toronto, September ´89) and "It´s Only Rock`n´Roll" (live in Munich, June ´90) were filmed in concert by old-timer Julien Temple, who also made the promos for Flashpoint and the concert film At The Max, in 1991.
At last the video "Almost Hear You Sigh" was directed by Ridley Scott´s son, Jake. Shot on September 27/28, 1989, in Cleveland.

Mixed Emotions
Director: Jim Signorelli  1989

Rock And A Hard Place (with Chyron graphics)
Director: Wayne Isham  1989

Rock And A Hard Place (clean version)
Director: Wayne Isham  198

Director: Julien Temple  1989

Sad Sad Sad
Director: Julien Temple  1989

Almost Hear You Sigh
Director: Jake Scott  1989