Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh, I do like to see me on the B-Side

Cleo/ The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
DECCA F11817 UK promo single To Know Him Is To Love Him/There Are But Five Rolling Stones 1964
(Cleo/ The Andrew Oldham Orchestra is actually the Rolling Stones as backing band)

The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
DECCA F11878 UK promo single 365 Rolling Stones/Oh I Do Like To See Me On The B-Side 1964
(The Andrew Oldham Orchestra w/ Andy White, Bill Wyman, Eric Ford, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Reg Guest)

Marianne Faithfull
DECCA F11923 UK promo single As Tears Go By/Greensleeves 1964
(Producer: Andrew Oldham; "As Tears Go By" written by Jagger/Richards)

Gene Pitney
UNITED ARTISTS UP1045 UK promo single That Girl Belongs To Yesterday/Who Needs It 1964
("That Girl Belongs To Yesterday" written by Jagger/Richards)

Teddy Green
PICCADILLY 7N.35173 UK promo single Always/Give Me Your Hand 1964
("Give Me Your Hand" written by Jagger/Richards)

The Mighty Avengers
DECCA F1285 UK promo single When Blue Turns To Grey/I´m Lost Without You 1965
(Producer: Andrew Oldham; "Blue Turns To Grey" written by Jagger/Richards)

West Five
His MastersVoice POP1396 UK promo single Congratulations/She Mine 1965
("Congratulations" written by Jagger/Richards)

The Preachers
COLUMBIA DB7680 UK promo single Hole In My Soul/Too Old In The Head 1965
(Producer: Bill Wyman)

The Attraction
COLUMBIA DB7936 UK promo single Stupid Girl/Please Tell Me 1966
("Stupid Girl" written Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)

Tommy Vance
COLUMBIA DB7999 UK promo single You Must Be The One/Why Treat Me This Way 1966
("You Must Be the One" written Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)

Chris Farlowe
IMMEDIATE IM023 UK promo single Think/Don´t Just Look At Me 1966
(Producer of "Think": Mick Jagger;
"Think" written by Jagger/Richards)

Charles Dickens
IMMEDIATE IM025 UK promo single So Much In Love/Our Soul Brother 1966
(Producer: Andrew Oldham; "So Much In Love" written by Jagger/Richards)

Bobbie Miller/ Ian Stewart and The Railroaders
DECCA F12354 UK promo single Everywhere I Go (Bobbie Miller)/Stu-Ball 1966
(The Railroaders w/ Ian Stewart, Keith Richards, Tony Meehan and Bill Wyman as producer too)

The End
DECCA F22750 UK promo single Shades Of Orange/Loving, Sacred Loving 1968
(Producer: Bill Wyman; "Shades Of Orange" w/ Charlie Watts on tabla)

Chris Farlowe
IMMEDIATE IM078 UK promo single Out Of Time/Ride On Baby 1968
(Producer: Mick Jagger; "Out Of Time" and "Ride on Baby" 
written by Jagger/Richards)

Marianne Faithfull
DECCA F12889 UK promo single Something Better/Sister Morphine 1969
(Producer: Mick Jagger; " Sister Morphine" written by Jagger/Richards/Faithfull
w/ Charlie Watts, Jack Nitzsche, Jagger, Ry Cooder, Bill Wyman - unsure)

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