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The Stones In The Park

The Stones In The Park 
Directed by: Jo Durden-Smith/ Leslie Woodhead
Granada TV (BBC)
Running Time: 60 min   Color   Date: 1969

Filmed by a Granada crew on July 5 1969 in front of an estimated audience of 50,000, it catches the band just two days after the death of founder Brian Jones. It's for the band's eulogy to Jones that the film has passed into rock history, a white-frocked Jagger reciting Shelley's poem 'Adonais' and then releasing 3,500 white butterflies into the audience

An hour long documentary about the day, rather than a strict concert film captures the Stones in musical and personal disarray. The live action is intercut with an interview conducted that same afternoon with Jagger, and some fascinating footage of London's basking hairies. Incredible how in 1969 in one of the largest events of its kind ever staged in the UK, an under-rehearsed band receives warm applause and gets this incredible response from the crowd. The gig marked the hurried debut of new guitarist Mick Taylor, and the first performance of "Honky Tonk Women". Film director Kenneth Anger did shot some footage at Hyde Park for Invocation Of My Demon Brother, also Peter Ungerleiden, who premiered Under My Thumb in New Arts Lab Camden, London, March 1970, a silent black/white movie with footage from the Stones and audience at Hyde Park concert.

- Midnight Rambler (part only) 
- interview with Jagger by Jo Durden-Smith 
- Street Fighting Man (part only) 
- Satisfaction (part only) 
- I'm Free 
- I'm Yours And I'm Hers (instrumental rehearsal) 
- Adonais (poem, spoken by Jagger) 
- I'm Yours And I'm Hers 
- Jumping Jack Flash
- Honky Tonk Women
- Love In Vain 
- Sympathy For The Devil
A new edition with fully restored sound/picture
and bonus stuff, was released in DVD in 2006:
- Mercy, Mercy/ Stray Cat Blues (part only)/ No Expectations (part only)
Interview with Jagger - "World In Action" Granada TV 1967
Interview with Charlie and Bill, Granada TV, Newcastle 1971.
French edition includes interview with Philippe Manoeuvre
and documentary 'Rolling With The Stones' on the French version

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